Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our recent adventures: Colorado

Monday morning after graduation we loaded up in the van, emptied the house of all our last minute junk, and headed north. Instead of taking the typical route to Utah/Oregon through Albuquerque and southern Utah, we decided to drive north through Denver and stop at Estes Park for the night. It was beautiful there - right on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park.

An early morning walk with Anna - my kids wake up early all the time, so with the time zone change, they woke up extra early.
We rented a pedal bike, an odd contraption which we could all ride on around the lake. Paul got a serious work out pedaling all 5 of us.

Then we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park. We went on a little hike around Bear Lake.

Then we drove and drove and drove all the way up to 12,000 feet! It was pretty windy up there, but breath-taking views.

The detour added a few hours to our drive but it was well worth it to see such a beautiful part of the country.

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