Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our recent adventures: Virigina

We arrived back in Lubbock from San Antonio late on a Saturday. After a quick Sunday to recoup, we  headed to the airport Monday morning to fly to Richmond, Virginia. Paul's sister Erika lives in Williamsburg where we stayed until the following Saturday.

Hattie enjoyed grinding corn in the Indian village
Paul's other sister Christina was also in Virginia...she enjoyed snuggling up on the animal skins
The girls took a turn trying to steer the ship
Paul loved walking over every inch of the ship replicas. They were pretty neat to see, and hard to imagine 100+ people living on them.
Cousin Sam and Hattie in a canoe
Looks like John Smith...except for the flip flops and shorts
Remarkably uncomfortable
We spent one day at Virginia Beach. Sadly, it was quite windy, so we were squinting half the time. But playing in sand is always fun when you are a kid, regardless of the weather. The girls got a kick out of burying each other. Hattie the Mermaid...
Anna the Cinderella princess
Paul the muscle man

I stayed under the umbrella the entire time, trying to keep Niels asleep and keeping him out of the wind and sand.
Back at Erika's house, Anna got into the markers and expressed her creative side
We also visited Colonial Williamsburg. By this point in the trip the girls were done sight seeing and mostly just wanted to hang out at Aunt Erika's where they could ride bikes and scooters everywhere.

Erika made some awesome gift bags for the girls to entertain them on the flight home. They were the perfect distraction for the 3 hour flight. Visiting family is always a great vacation, because after all the sight seeing and all the busyness, we had a home place to return to, stay up late talking, and relax without the stress of having to do everything while in town. Thanks again Erika and company for such a great week!

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