Monday, June 11, 2012

Our recent adventures: San Antonio

I can't think of a time in our marriage that we have been more busy. Since I view this blog as a journal of sorts, I always try and make sure that I catch up when I get way behind. So hopefully over the next few days I can bring our family up to the present day.

Paul finished his last day of medical school on April 20th. That gave us 8 weeks of vacation before he starts his job June 18. So we began traveling. First, we drove five hours over to Dallas, left the girls with Paul's parents, and, accompanied by Niels, we flew to Milwaukee to find a place to live. We were there about 4 days and we loved it. It was rainy, overcast, and chilly the entire time, something that we rarely experience in Texas. We are very excited to move up there - snow and all. Gratefully we found a place to live so the trip was a success. Somehow no pictures were taken...I guess without the girls I don't seem to see as many Kodak moments.

We returned to our girls in Dallas and spent a few days there with Paul's family. Then we drove south to San Antonio. I have always wanted to go, and since we are leaving Texas for the foreseeable future, I made sure we included it in our travel plans. We were a little nervous about all the driving for Niels...he hasn't been the easiest baby, but gratefully, he did pretty well. We started our adventures by going to some caverns just outside of San Antonio.

Then we made our way to Mission San Jose. It was remarkably hot and humid...Lubbock is NOT at all humid, so we were a little unprepared. We loved wandering around and imagining what life must have been like for those living in the Spanish missions. But by the time we were done, the girls were just asking for water, not really caring about what we were seeing or doing.

And of course, the Alamo! With the kids, we didn't stay long and read every plaque, but it was neat to be there and experience some Texas history. At the Alamo, we met up with my childhood/high school/college friend, Jenny Walk Transtrum, who drove over from Houston with her family to hang out before we left Texas forever. Somehow I didn't get any picture with her! My one regret.
We went to Sea World the next day with the Transtrums. We had a wonderful time the first 3 hours, until Niels had a meltdown so Paul, in his frustration, took him to the car where he spent the next 3 hours. It was easier on me and the girls, but we were sad that Paul had to miss the afternoon time at the park.
Again, not a lot of pictures, partially because we were so busy trying to see everything that pictures were an afterthought. But we enjoyed the dolphins (above), lots of aquariums, and especially the orca show and the sea lion show.

Next we visited the Mercado, a Spanish market that pops up once a month. And since it was Cinco de Mayo, we thought it appropriate.
And to top it off, my mission friend Miranda Perry Livingston also drove over from Houston with her family (I have wonderful friends, eh?). We had lunch at Chunky Burgers, where Paul attempted the Four Horseman burger. He's going to blog on that later.

All told, it was a great road trip. Definitely some cranky kids due to numerous napless days, but they were pretty resilient and good troopers as we tried to squeeze as many activities in as possible.

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