Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Two and a half weeks ago when I arrived in Wisconsin, I called AT&T to set up Internet service. The lady told me that since we were currently without service, we would be top priority. And even though the soonest she could guarantee that someone would be there to set it up was July 26th (2 weeks from when I called her) she assured me that within the next few days someone would arrive. Sweet, so I thought.

Of course we were disappointed a few days later when someone called to say that the outside of our house wasn't installed properly, so we would have to wait the full two weeks until July 26th when someone would able to fix the outside.

So we waited. Our house hunting has been slowed without the Internet. Paul has had to go back into work a few times to finish up some work that he could have done from home if we had had Internet. Needless to say, it has been annoying. Our iPhones have been great but they can't access all the sites we need.

They called July 24th to say there was still something wrong on the outside of the house so they would be coming July 30th instead of the 26th. Ugh! So I waited all morning yesterday. The technician called to say he was on his way. Then he called again to say he had a problem with some key and wouldn't be there, but someone would call to reschedule. Ah! Of course no one called, so I called, more livid I had been in a while. She said they couldn't make it today but will be here Friday.

Again, livid. Why should I get pushed back 4 days because a technician had a problem? You would think they would put in extra time to get the work done. Like if a doctor or dentist is running slow he doesn't skip a patient to catch up. He pushes through and gets it done. Grrrrr.

So, three and half weeks after ordering and three installation appointments later, we will hopefully get Internet on Friday.

Is it horrible that I still have hard feelings? I negotiated some fees to be waived and some months of service paid for, something that I never do because I hate asking for stuff like that. But I felt completely justified. I would NEVER have gone with AT&T if I had known it would take 3 and a half weeks.

And for all I know, they won't show up Friday either. I'm not getting my heart set on it this time. I'm tried of being disappointed.

Thanks for listening. Needed to vent.


LadyCarma said...

I so know your pain. I can not tell you how many times that happened to me. And I was always the one who had to deal with it. Yes, it got my ire up, simply because of the principle of the thing. My main gripe was Verizon in Texas but I also had cell phone issues with AT&T. No company is without these kinds of issues, and don't even get me started about banks! I feel your pain. I am praying for Friday.

kerri said...

Ditto the praying for Friday! I often tell Mark that the Internet is about the one thing I don't want to be without... (But of course there are higher priorities, like A/C for instance. Is it hot where you are, Mel? Cuz it is still in the stinkin hundreds here.)