Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our recent adventures: Utah

After driving through Rocky Mountain National Park all day, we drove all night to arrive in Lehi, Utah at 1:00 am. Our friends the Petersons welcomed us into their home for the week, and spent the week playing with us. We met the Petersons while we were in Lubbock, but they moved two years ago. Our girls are the same age and they are also board game fanatics. So we had a lot of late nights of Puerto Rico, Le Havre, Cities and Knights, and Stone Age. We hope to find similar game playing friends in Milwaukee!
We went back to Thanksgiving Point to let the girls ride ponies like last year. Again, it was their favorite part of the trip.

Hattie was reunited with her buddy Callie, and Anna learned to love Reese
Paul's favorite thing to do in Utah is go up American Fork canyon, start a fire, and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Anna likes going because it's another place she can sit in her camp chair.

The girls loved climbing on the rocks and splashing in the river

Paul also wanted to revisit his favorite mini golf course, where we went for multiple ward activities back in our singles ward. It was amusing to watch the girls try. Paul started off trying to instruct them properly, but in the end we were just glad that Hattie learned how to properly hold the golf club. We'll work on stance next time.

The girls' favorite part of the time was simply hanging out with Reese and Callie. They woke up in the morning and disappeared until lunch time. They could have played there forever.

The morning we left I actually remembered to take a picture of Paul and I with Shawn and Chelsea. Hattie did a decent job of being photographer!

Thanks Petersons for a wonderful week!

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Peterson's said...

all the girls matched at the end! so cute! We hope that somewhere in Pauls crazy next few years there will be a window of opportunity to see you guys somehow! We had fun, glad we had so much time!