Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Diaper Store

Since we will hopefully only be in our rental home a few months, I have tried to limit the number of boxes that we open. Every day Hattie asks for more boxes but I encourage her to be creative with what we already have out. Hence the rebirth of 'The Diaper Store.' She did it once or twice back in Lubbock and now it's a daily event. She unloads our diaper basket and creates piles of Niels' and Anna's diapers for me and Paul to purchase. And then she asks for them back so she can resell them. She has recently added a diaper hunt to the party, resulting in a competition between Paul and I of who can find the most diapers. It also means that I randomly discover diapers in the oddest places throughout the week. I am glad I have such a creative daughter who is contented to play with diapers.

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Aaron said...

love this. hahaha