Thursday, March 20, 2008

Are you serious?

I'm getting ready to do something that I'd never thought I'd do...something that never even sounded remotely fun in the past - only painful. I'm training for a triathlon! Well, a half triathlon at least. Some of the ladies at the pool were talking about one in April, down in St. George...but, knowing that I'm not in the greatest shape, I didn't give it much thought. Then my friend Lindsay mentioned one in Salem, Utah on her blog, so we've decided to start training together. It consists of an 800 meter swim (about 1/2 mile), 12 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. It's not until June, so we've got time to get ourselves ready. I feel okay about the swimming, since I do at least 1/2 mile every morning, but I'm pretty sure the running might kill me...especially since it's last event.

To be better prepared, Lindsay and I are getting together every Saturday to do at least two of the events together, so that we can get practice doing them in a row. I could probably do them all individually right now, but doing them all in a 2 or 3 hour period is something different altogether. We also just got a bike trailer/jogging stroller so that Hattie can join me in training.

So wish me luck as I begin something that will most definitely challenge me, and might even kill me!


Nancy Jones said...

Eres mi HEROE!!! Wow... i keep telling myself someday i'm going to something like that. But, today... is NOT that day. Estoy desiandote toda la buena suerte y fuerze que hay! Te quiero, Mel.

Brandon and Jenn said...

Brandon did the BYU half triatholon a few years ago. Just seeing his face at the end of the race was enough to convince me that it's not for me, but maybe you'll really enjoy it. Good luck. Have fun!

Melony and Todd said...

Congrats to you, that is so exciting! I want to do one one day, but we'll see.

abbeybean said...

You will have soooo much fun! I've done a couple mini-triathlons and it was such a feeling of accomplishment... my biggest piece of advice is to practice the bike to run transition as much as you can. Its the wierdest feeling to try to run after biking. Swimming to biking isn't to hard, but your legs feel like jello after riding! Oh and make sure and use a road bike - I was a dork the first time and used a mtn. bike. Not a good idea, I dropped from 3rd in my age group after the swim to like 20th! HAVE FUN!