Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We finally caught it on camera! She does it pretty consistently now. As I talk with other moms, it's been interesting to learn about the things that their kids can do. I've realized that all kids develop at a different rate...for example, Rebekah who lives upstairs is 5 weeks younger than Hattie, but she loves to reach for toys and anything she sees, whereas Hattie is still pretty content to just stare at her toys. But Rebekah is not very close to rolling over. Comparison is never very good. But our new favorite thing to say to Hattie is "Come on Hattie, Develop!!!"

Piano update: No word yet. They say that no news is good news, but in this case, I assume it means that we didn't get it :(

Here are some cute recent pictures for your entertainment!

When it's Paul's turn to hold Hattie, he often browses the Internet or plays computer games. Together, he and Hattie take over the universe.

This is one of the only pictures I have of Hattie and me together, besides the first ones at the hospital. It seems I'm always the one to think of grabbing the camera!

As a member of our ward says, "She has helium in her feet!"


LadyCarma said...

As I have been sorting pictures by date to organize into scrapbooks, I am sad how few pictures there are of me with the children. I wish that I would have handed the camera to Steve more and said, "take this picture with me and the children." Don't make my my mistake. Pass the camera around!

Laura Bernard said...

oh, she is so so cute! Love that cheery face and helium feet! I'm with you on the photos. It's the reality of the mom role, though!

Nancy Jones said...

Que tal! You have such an adventurous life my little Mel pal. I feel so honored to be mentioned by name in your tag-post! :) And of course its for a classic spaz Nancy moment! Ah the MTC. Good times, good times... and the beat goes on