Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playing around

I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of us just spending time around the house with Hattie. She is really getting to be a lot more fun lately...I think she'll be sitting up by the end of the month if we're lucky. She's turning into a daddy's girl. These are Paul's favorite moments.

She loves playing on our tummies, but unfortunately, her feet feel like toothpicks jabbing into me.

She loves playing super-baby.

Paul even has fun with Hattie's accessories. He dubbed this the "Bumbo Hat of All Knowledge", with which he claimed the power to foresee what videos would be at the RedBox if I went, and which ones would be there if he went (we both hate being the one to make the RedBox run since we hate being disappointed when there's nothing good). We ended up making the run together, and found nothing good -- as predicted by the Bumbo Hat.

She also LOVES taking bathes. As soon as she gets in the bathroom and hears the water, she starts going's a little taste of the pre-bath fish dance.

I just gave Hattie a bath while waiting for the video to load, and she surprised us by sticking her big toe in her mouth and sucking on it for the first time. Gotta love baby flexibility.


Laura Bernard said...

Love the fish dance! Too cute! I thought you did netflix? We just joined this last week. We decided with all the late fees we pay, it would save us a lot of money do to it. : )

Karli said...

that little video is too precious! I love when they get excited and have so much personality. I am slowly starting to see Gray's coming out every day. They are so fun!

I love netflix too. We just get one movie at a time, but it's worth it. Just watched Dan in Real Life and I totally recommend it. So cute and clean. Have a great day!