Saturday, August 7, 2010


About four months ago, I had a dream about my friend Tina and her husband Ben. Tina had been a roommate at BYU. We met in Spanish 101, took Spanish 102 together, and then decided to be roommates. We only lived together for the first semester of my junior year (I left for my mission after that), but she was one of my greatest friends at BYU. She was engaged during the semester we lived together, but she and Ben were more than willing to let me hang out with them. I was a constant 3rd wheel :) They really helped me out when I was going through a tough time and deciding whether or not to serve a mission. We kept in touch until I was pregnant with Hattie. I knew she had moved to Minneapolis, but I had lost touch with her. So after my dream, I tried to find her again...with no luck. BYU Alumni directory only had their physical address, not a phone number or email. And she wasn't on facebook. So she has been on the back of mind for the last few months.

Then on Monday I got a phone call from a number in Lubbock and it was Tina! Apparently Ben's parents live in Lubbock (I even know her MIL a little) and they remembered from our Christmas card 2 years ago that we were living in Lubbock. It made my week! We went out to dinner Tuesday, then the kids and I went to swim on Wednesday. It was great to catch up and remember all the good times we had together. I hope they come back to Lubbock again before we move!


Kurt and Kristy said...

That's Sis. Mitchells DIL!! I met them on sunday!! Very nice couple! How funny that you know each other!

Kat Curtis said...

Wait - I totally know them from one of my BYU wards! Crazy! Such a small world, seriously.