Monday, April 14, 2014

Catch up: August in Milwaukee

I am, quite literally, months behind on this blog. And with this baby coming in 8 days, I know I've got a limited time to get caught up before I'm eternally behind. So without further ado, I will try to post a few pictures from each month, with limited commentary :)

 The Milwaukee Airshow over Lake Michigan...and the day Niels fell in love with airplanes

 The girls and friends were much more interested in the sand than the airplanes.
 We went to the zoo a LOT. And somehow the train ride is always the highlight.
 We grilled almost every day. And I had mountains of zucchini which I learned to be very creative with.
 Regular marshmallow roasts.
 And backyard parties with the friends.
And what's summer in Milwaukee without the 110th anniversary of Harley Davidson? Bikers everywhere.

Milwaukee is awesome in August...perfect weather and tons to do.

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