Saturday, April 19, 2014

Catch up: January

This is a short post...mostly because January was relatively calm, and because I'll be posting an entire post about Paul and my trip to So Cal without the kids :)

My sister Laura lives in Iowa, just 5 hours away, so she and her 5 youngest came to visit during the end of Christmas break and spent New Year's with us. We had a fondue party, played with Legos, and shared the stomach flu among the cousins. 
 It was ridiculously cold. Paul and his buddy Dan decided to run around outside when it was -40 degrees just to see what it felt like. I think school was cancelled 4 or 5 times due to cold temps, not snowfall (even though there was plenty of that too).
 The girls brought me breakfast in bed again...
 ...and I flew out west (without kids) for a quick trip to Idaho Falls for my brother Spencer's wedding. So happy for him and Keeley, and happy to be together with all my siblings for a quick weekend.

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