Thursday, April 17, 2014

Catch up: November

Ah November...when the leaves all fell in two weeks and the first snow hit. My parents came out for a quick visit and caught the BYU vs. Wisconsin game. We tailgated for the first time and froze our buns off more than we did at the Packers game the week before. Sad we lost, but still fun to cheer for the cougars.

Grandpa helped rake the wet leaves...they were a little tough for this pregnant momma...and the girls were great at helping us bag them. I can always count on my dad to help me out with projects when he comes to town.
 And he's great at entertaining the kids...with his iPad :)
 We got our first taste of a very long, cold winter...
 ...and made even more pumpkin cookies.
At at the end of the month, a party began. All of Paul's family came to our house for Thanksgiving. All 23 of us, with 4 of us pregnant. We smashed one family into each bedroom, threw Christina in the basement, and had a party. I never take enough pictures when family comes to town, but we had a great time together. The 11 grandkids played, the pregnant moms folded moravian stars, and plenty of root beer was drunk. 
We even went on a Sprecher factory tour, where the root beer and soda tastings are bottomless. Sprecher is an Iverson family favorite, and generally accepted (at least in these parts) as the greatest root beer in America.
What's Thanksgiving without tons of food?
And a family photo! Grateful to photoshop to knock out the water treatment facility in the background, and turn a few baby heads. It was about 30 degrees outside that day...hence Anna's open mouth smile.
Another Iverson family obsession is Moosejaw. No, not the city in Canada, but the quirky outdoor equipment store. Erika sent this picture to Moosejaw last month and it was featured on their Facebook page for a week, and all 23 of us...well, 27 of us since there are 4 new babies counting free t-shirts for next years' photo. No wonder we love this company! The Moosejaw photo will be a new Iverson tradition.

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