Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Catch up: October

October...the only real month of fall in Wisconsin. We made batch after batch of pumpkin cookies...
 made the annual visit to the pumpkin patch....
 made ebelskivers for breakfast....
 got ice cream after getting shots at the doctor...
 and enjoyed breakfast in bed from my sweet, thoughtful girls. Being in the 1st trimester in October, I often lazed about in bed for a while in the morning, procrastinating the start of feeling nauseous.  And my girls were great. Love them.
 We took a weekend trip out to Minneapolis to visit Paul's brother Aaron and family. Apple picking was awesome and beautiful.
 Niels loved being pulled by the tractor.
And Paul and Aaron enjoyed purchasing 48 bottles of root beer in preparation for Thanksgiving, when all Iversons would gather together at our house. I still don't know why we are such root beer fanatics, but we are.
 And what is fall without playing in the leaves?
 Of course there was Halloween...and how could Paul be anything but Wolverine? Hence I was Rogue and Niels was the least for a few minutes till he wiped all the face paint off.
 Hattie as Nya, the Ninjago Ninja
 Anna, the fairy princess

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Steven and Erika said...

You make an awesome wolverine Paul and super adorable rogue Melanie!