Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catch up: September

Paul started the month off with a thick set of Wolverine chops, and a Tough Mudder race. I was only slightly tempted to join him, but being 2 months pregnant and feeling lousy, I opted out.

He loved it, even though he pulled a muscle somewhere around mile #8. But he's gearing up for this fall and other bout of voluntary pain and misery. And the chops stuck around all fall and into winter...
The girls did soccer....they both liked it...neither of them is a natural, but nor do they hate it so we will keep them signed up as long as possible.

Hattie even scored three goals during the season.
 But this is how our Saturday's usually ended.
 Paul turned 33...
 And Hattie turned 6. Hard to believe she is growing up so fast.

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