Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Reed

No, I didn't have my baby early again. We drove to Arizona with Paul (he had 3 interviews in Phoenix right after Thanksgiving) and were able to visit my sister Sharee. She just adopted the most beautiful baby boy! I am so glad that our son will have a cousin his age. Hattie was very excited to hold him and is even more excited for our baby now. She keeps telling me she is going to help me out a lot - getting diapers, singing to him, etc. She loved holding little baby Reed.
And Claire couldn't get enough holding her new baby brother. We are so happy for them!
Of course the weather was awesome and the girls loved the park in 60 degree wouldn't be so bad to match in Arizona!

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Abbey said...

Yes, and one more fun reason to be in Arizona is me! Haha! Our babies can play together too!