Monday, December 5, 2011

First snowfall

I still have a few more catch-up posts to do, but I wanted to post this while it was fresh. Since snow is rare in West Texas (usually we have about 3 snowfalls a year) it's a big deal. The girls couldn't wait to go outside this morning. Anna was wandering around the house with her Santa hat and scarf on, as well as her pajamas and a princess dress, while she waited for me to get ready. Hattie said that it must be Christmastime if snow is falling and made me turn on "Let it Snow."


Julia said...

Hattie looks like a little girl in this pic... no more a toddler I guess. The snow looks fun - I wish we'd get some darn it!

Peterson's said...

wow, you've had more snow than us. We have only had 2 dustings which are always gone in 2 hours.

Michael said...

Hey, y'all have more snow than we've had all year! It's terrible. Freezing and no snow. Lame.