Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Visit from a Starr!

When I was a Freshman at BYU 11 years ago, I made some amazing friends. Karly, Eden, and Melissa were the greatest roommates I could have imagined. Gratefully we have remained quite close through the years, and even had a roommate reunion in Virginia 3 years ago (which I somehow never blogged about). This year Melissa came to visit me in Lubbock! She is now a physical therapist in Lincoln, Nebraska. We don't get a lot of visitors here, since there's not too much to do, so I felt pretty special that she came all the way here for me. Paul was out of town the week she was here, so I made breakfast for dinner as often as possible (since Paul, for some strange reason, doesn't like breakfast for dinner). Hattie loves to help me in the kitchen whenever she can...and she as also started to dress herself, as you can see.
The girls were thrilled to put on their Halloween costumes for Melissa to see.
We went to the park and were surrounded by very friendly, over-fed ducks and geese.
Check out Hattie's left hand...almost got eaten along with the bread!
Hattie was a little traumatized after that...Anna just didn't like the noise.
Anna could have stayed at the park all day.
She was initially afraid to conqueror the rolly slide...
but she eventually got over it.

Hattie wanted to play beauty salon.

And Melissa fixed Hattie's hair too
The whole purpose of the hair salon was to cut Anna's mullet off (finally!). She did really well, thanks to the television, chocolate chips, and Melissa's helping hands.
We went to our favorite frozen custard shop...
where we tried to take a picture of their messy mouths...
but Anna didn't like the bright sun too much.
It was so wonderful to have Melissa with me for 5 days. Hattie keeps talking of when Melissa was here and when she is coming back. The best part was talking with her all day and in the evening about old times, lessons learned, and current happenings. I remembered how much fun it was to live together and have constant friends around. I am truly grateful for friends who are so reliable, loving, constant, and true. We have been through a lot together and I am glad to have friends who have helped me through hard times and are still there to listen and help out. Thanks again Melissa!


Shannon said...

SO jealous you both got to be together. Any time with Melissa is a good time.

And happy (late) birthday! I was thinking about you all day but obviously never got around to wishing you a great day. So sorry! Love you!

Michael said...

I'm lovin the messy mouth pics; especially with Ana covering her eyes. Your girls are characters.

Keesha n David Brown said...

Melanie you are such a cute little pregnant mom! I enjoy catching up with you through your blog every so often. :)