Saturday, December 10, 2011

Turkey time

We had a nice calm Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. Of course the fried turkey was the yummiest. The girls just wanted to have friends come over all day, to which we had to explain that all their friends had family in town. So baked pumpkin cookies and let Hattie run around in dress up clothes all day.

I am thankful for baby brother, pillow pet, daddy, mommy, Anna, flowers, friends, Callie, and care bears.


Laura Bernard said...

Look at all those beautiful serving dishes! And a gravy boat! Are they all from you MIL? I have hardly any nice serving dishes. It seems sort of impractical to me so every time I think of buying some, I always decide I wouldn't use them enough to feel I got the value out of them . . . I'd rather have a new shirt. But I do always kind of
wish I had some . . . So I'm happy for you. Your turkey and stuffing look AWESOME!

Maybe next year we'll do Thanksgiving together since you'll be living in Des Moines! Wink, wink!

Chelsea Peterson said...

oh, I love that she wrote callie! So happy!